Dong-A Pharmaceutical Puts ‘Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray’ & ‘Mogul ONEQ Spray’ on Market
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Dong-A Pharmaceutical Puts ‘Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray’ & ‘Mogul ONEQ Spray’ on Market
Differentiated products are highly effective for treating nose stuffiness and throat pain

25(Thu), Nov, 2021

Images of “Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray” and “Mogul ONEQ Spray,” released by Dong-A Pharmaceutical. (Photos: Dong-A Pharmaceutical)

Dong-A Pharmaceutical has released “Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray,” a nose spray drug for treating rhinitis and “Mogul ONEQ Spray,” a throat spray drug to treat sore throat symptoms. 

Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray is efficacious for treating swollen, blocked nose and stuffiness. 

It contains Xylometazoline, a medication used to reduce symptoms of nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, and sinusitis, and L-Carbocysteine, a mucolytic that reduces the viscosity of sputum and so can be used to help relieve the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and bronchiectasis by allowing the sufferer to bring up nasal mucus more easily.

Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray, which can be applied to the nose, does not cause drowsiness. It has two versions, no scent and menthol, to help consumers choose any one they would like. 

Mogul ONEQ Spray is effective for treating stomatitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis and relieving throat pain.

Mogul ONEQ Spray contains Benzyadmine Hydrochloride, a substance for relieving inflammation and pain and Cetylpyridinium Chloride, a substance for controlling germ growth. 

Koh Sung-min, manager for Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray and Mogul ONEQ Spray, said, “Nose ONEQ Nasal Spray and Mogul ONEQ Spray are sprayed in nose and throat conveniently, and unlike conventional ones, they are differentiated products, which are highly effective for treating nose stuffiness and throat pain.” 

Nose ONEQ, treating the stuffiness of the deep nose, and Mogul ONEQ, treating the pain of the deep throat, are hoped to lead a pleasant life without suffering common nose and throat symptoms of in-between seasons and winter, he added. 

Nose ONEQ and Mogul ONEQ can be purchased as over-the-counter drugs at pharmacies. 

An image of “Fation Golf Sun Patch,” put on the market by “Fation Golf Sun Patch” on the market.

Dong-A Pharmaceutical Releases Sun Block ‘Fation Golf Sun Patch’ 

Dong-A Pharmaceutical has put the sun block “Fation Golf Sun Patch” on the market. Fation Golf Sun Patch is designed to help golfers protect their skin from ultraviolet rays while playing on a golf course.
The patch can be placed on areas such as eye rim and cheekbones. It boasts of flexibility and elasticity enough to be applied without gaps. 

It has proved to be a maximum 99.6 percent effective in protecting ultraviolet rays. 

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