What Benefits Does Cacao Bring?
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What Benefits Does Cacao Bring?
Increasing number of aficionados enjoying effects of polyphenols in Cacao

25(Sun), Dec, 2022

An image of Dream Cacao 82%, Dream Cacao 72%,Dream Cacao 56% produced by Lotte Confectionery.

In autumn, a season when the sky is high and colors are bright, enjoying a dark chocolate may be a desirable option for anyone who is on a diet. 

A recent report caused a sensation, citing the U.S. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), which showed that if dark chocolate is eaten in the morning, it had an effect of making the person feel less hungry later that day, which could potentially lead to weight loss.

FASEB, citing the representative effects of Cacao’s polyphenols, said they have the effect of preventing adult diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart diseases, to the extent that the effects are enough to gratify Cacao aficionados.

Globally renowned scholars have so revealed diverse and affluent effects of Cacao. Cacao’s polyphenols have becoming the subject of attention among consumers.

Dr. Dobert of Queloon University of Cologne claimed that a tiny piece of chocolate could reduce blood pressure, and the reason was that dark chocolate had abundant polyphenols, which could clean blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide amounts in body. 

Since dark chocolate has abundant polyphenols, he said, eating dark chocolate with more than 60 to 70 percent cocoa content, along with healthy foods and a habit of continuously exercising, could bring about better effects. 

Eating chocolate has a different effect according to physical constitutions, and it has a better efficacy during the cool season, with a wide difference between daytime and night time temperatures. 

Studies showed that consuming chocolate property could boost stamina. Cocoa is known to have an efficiency of polyphenols, flavanols and catechins, so eating it along with consistent exercise is said to bring about benefits. 

In particular, dark chocolate with high cacao content is enjoying popularity among women.

Prof. Lee Ki-won of Seoul National University Food Tech Department, concurrently chairman of Korea Research Association of Cacao, gave a lecture on the recent popular program “Sebasi” on the topic “Magic Routine of Preserving Youth.” 

In the lecture, Prof. Lee suggested how to live a healthy life through Cacao’s efficacy and routines. Lee said Cacao is characterized by an affluent effect of antioxidation, coupled with restraint of ageing, saying it has more than twice the amount of polyphenols, such as procyanidin compound, efficacious for extending human life and preventing aging, than wine, and over three times to five times more than green tea and red tea. 

Meanwhile, there are many chocolate products with high content in cacao, but consumers find it not easy to choose related products. 

A representative chocolate product with a high cacao content in the Korean chocolate market is Lotte Confectionery’s “Dream Cacao.” 

Dream Cacao, released in 2006, is a chocolate with a high content in cacao and polyphenols. Dream Cacao has attracted keen attention due to its high cacao content and the substance of polyphenols. 

Dream Cacao 82% contains 1,420mg of polyphenols per unit. The product contains nine times more polyphenols than 100 grams of blueberries. 

Dream Cacao 56 percent and Dream Cacao 72 percent hold 900mg and 1,120mg of polyphenols, respectively. 

An image of dark chocolate products, released by Lotte Confectionery. (Photos: Lotte Confectionery)

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