KAIST Showcases “Manufacturing AI Metaverse Factory” at Hannover Messe 2023
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KAIST Showcases “Manufacturing AI Metaverse Factory” at Hannover Messe 2023
Operates an experience zone to realize three-stage process utilizing VR equipment

29(Sat), Apr, 2023

President Lee Kwang-hyung of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). (Photos: KAIST)

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is going to operate the “Manufacturing AI Metaverse Factory” experience booth at Hannover Messe, being held from April 17 to 21. 

KAIST, having formed a consortium in cooperation with UNIST and Hanyang University, is to operate the “Manufacturing AI Metaverse Factory” experience booth and accept spectators. 

When the Manufacturing AI metaverse technology is utilized additional equipment is installed at conventional factory sites, it is expected to bring about fast adaptation and improved achievements through previous search experiences and verified movements.

Spectators, wearing VR equipment, will be given the chance to experience the first to third stages as if they stay on the site. 

A first-stage process allows spectators to hear a process of gathering, storing and analyzing manufacturing data and practice it. 

The process is very useful for beginners to get an understanding of the production process, and it can be utilized for on-the-job training for freshmen employees of manufacturing companies. 

A second-stage process allows people to monitor and operate plant facilities located at a long distance. Spectators are expected to be given an opportunity to has an hands-on experience targeting a plant in Ulsan, about 9,000 km away from the German booth. 

If a production AI automatically senses a dangerous situation and sends an alarm signal, workers may take safety measures and prevent accidents by connecting with the metaverse space, even if they are far away. 

A third-stage process allows the freely placing of facilities in a metaverse space, equivalent to the manufacturing site. It allows workers to realize optimal work movements in consideration of convenience and efficiency based on diversified placing of facilities.

Kim Il-joong, head of the KAIST MABC, said, “As for tasks facing the global manufacturing industry, it will serve as an opportunity for an AI technology to bring about solutions, and we’ll evolve it so that the whole of a plant is built through a production AI metaverse technology and it is confirmed in advance through VR.”

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is opening the “Manufacturing AI Metaverse Factory” experience booth at Hannover Messe, being held from April 17 to 21.

KAIST Develops Technology to Push Envelope of X-Ray Imaging Resolution

A Korea research team has developed a new method of utilizing X-ray imaging for advanced industries, such as the semiconductor sector. X-ray imaging can peek into the inside of shooting targets with ease, but X-ray imaging has weak points: lower resolution and weak durability, so its application to advanced industries is out of reach. 

Joint research, headed by Prof. YongKeun Park at KAIST Physics Department and Lim Joon, a senior researcher with Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, discovered a technology to push the envelope of the conventional X-ray imaging, the team said on April 13. 

The team presented coherent speckle-correlation imaging (CSI) using a designed X-ray diffuser. CSI has no prerequisites for samples or measurements. 

Instead, from a single shot measurement, the complex sample field is retrieved based on the pseudo randomness of the speckle intensity pattern, ensured through a diffuser. 

The team achieved a spatial resolution of 13.9 nm at 5.46 keV, beating the feature size of the diffuser used (300 nm).
The high-resolution imaging capability is theoretically explained based on fundamental and practical limits. 

The team expected the CSI to be a versatile tool for navigating the unexplored world of nanometer. 

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