Korea’s ‘First AI Governor’ Lee Chel-woo Reveals Master Plan on Digital Transformation
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Korea’s ‘First AI Governor’ Lee Chel-woo Reveals Master Plan on Digital Transformation
Provincial Govt. plans to invest a combined 3,263.8 billion won on exploring 87 detailed tasks related to AI transportation

26(Fri), May, 2023

Korea’s first “AI Governor” Lee Cheol-woo explains the Gyeongsangbuk-do‘s master plan on digital transformation with a new vision for Gyeongsangbuk-do, a digital world, in the presence of Gyeongsangbuk-do Gov. Lee Cheol-woo on May 3. (Photo: Gyeongsangbuk-do)

The Gyeongsangbuk-do provincial government revealed in a news briefing on May 3 a master plan on digital transformation with a new vision for Gyeongsangbuk-do, a digital world.

The master plan is designed to identify the provincial government’s digital policy direction and come up with steps to solve pending issues in consideration of connectivity of the government’s policies and the region’s capabilities and conditions. 

The way in which Korea’s first AI Governor unveiled the master plan and human Gov. Lee answered was said to be an expression of the provincial government’s strong will to implement digital-oriented provincial government policies. 

The goals of the master plan are making Gyeongangbuk-do a province with a safe, convenient and well-to-do life, lowering the burden for the province’s small business, shop owners and consumers, making Gyeongsangbuk-do a leading province in digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, the economic pillar of the region. It also sought to help the province maintain leadership in smart and strong digital transformation. 

The provincial government came up with strategies to materialize those objectives: building their respective foundations, constructing ecosystems, spreading services and building effective governance. 

To this end, it plans to explore 87 detailed tasks and invest a total of 3,263.8 billion won.

First, Gyeongsangbuk-do plans to stockpile, distribute and utilize data to build a foundation, establish a cloud data center and construct a massive AI platform. 

The step is designed to offer full support to digital transformation in all areas, including the social and economic sectors of the region.

The provincial government plans to launch full-fledged services by improving the performance of the AI chabot, now a pilot project service, a model of “chat Gyeongbuk” and build data in stages by expanding into each industry in the future. 

Next, in an effort to build the ecosystem, Gyeongsangbuk-do will establish an innovation center to spur digital convergence and build a digital ecosystem in which companies and manpower can be converged, by nurturing new information protection industries coupled with it. 

The provincial government plans to build a virtual studio, content research center and data center based on virtual reality in order to build a global metaverse dubbed “Capital Gyeongbuk.”
In a related development, Gyeongsangbuk-do is commissioning a project by investing 1.2 billion won in a government R&D outlay and plans to utilize it to secure more government money.

Third, in order to expand services, the provincial government plans to spread them evenly in five areas, including the economy/industry and the culture/welfare sectors.

In order to advance efforts to make the economy/industry sector “intelligent,” Gyeongsangbuk-do plans to support the corporate advancement and enhancement of competitiveness through innovation of manufacturing process and collaboration among companies by installing a digital transformation support center. It plans to implement a pilot smart rental factory project and a project to verify an open lab on AI. 

Gyeongsangbuk-do plans to invigorate the regional commercial districts by supporting AI service robots targeting small businesses and self-employed businessmen, spreading the supply of digital gadgets tailored to meet traditional markets and shops’ needs, and introducing metaverse technologies to back-alley markets. 

The provincial government plans to expand infrastructure so provincial residents, companies and students can receive education starting from a beginning stage, through easier access to the manpower and administration sectors. 

Gyeongsangbuk-do will establish “Gyeongbuk Innovation Academy” by readjusting France’s Ecole 42, corresponding to the region’s conditions, while trying to nurturing manpower by expanding educational courses to a meister high school, an academy and a digital specialization graduate school.

The provincial government plans to expand a digital provincial residents’ identification service based on a blockchain, while offering visiting services based on AI by operating an administrative support center for the digitally underprivileged at each sphere. 

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