Don’t Worry about Skin Trouble in Cold, Windy Weather
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Don’t Worry about Skin Trouble in Cold, Windy Weather
Men’s body care solution brand ‘FILLIDUS’ boasts lineups, such as ‘Sport Cooling Body Wash,’ ‘Perfect Clean Men’s Wash’ on top of acne solutions, for change of seasons

26(Sun), Nov, 2023

An image photo of FILLIDUS, Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s personal care brand for men.

Glossy skin brings about a bright image. It is not only about the face. If someone has a body envied by others, but also has acne and other blemishes, it may not be viewed as a clean image. 

People tend to not worry much about serum, which occurs less in the fall and winter than in summer. But for men’s skin, that is not the case. Men grappling with skin troubles in changes of seasons need to find a solution to cope. 

What If Men See Dead Skin Cells Worsen?

Men tend to excrete lots of serum due to the development of sebaceous glands, caused by testosterone, a hormone. The more that sebum excretes, the bigger pores are, and in that case, foreign substances could cause skin troubles.

In particular, cold air deprives the skin of moisture, thus increasing dead skin cells. 

The skin, covered with dead skin cells, makes it difficult to wash away serum, which is the cause of many skin troubles. 

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s by 20 to 30 percent, but the former lacks moisture. 

The reason is that estrogen, a female hormone, makes a difference, and unhealthy life habits, such as smoking, drinking and exposure to ultraviolet light, are blamed for drying up the moisture in men’s skin. 

Men are recommended to use men’s body care products. Women’s body skin products tend to contain not only moisture, but also natural oils to make the skin glossy. 

If products made with different substances are used, men find it difficult to fill up moisture inside the skin, but end up increasing sebum excretion. 

You’re Advised to Look into Products Capable of Reducing Natural Oil and Sebum. 

Men’s personal care brand FILLIDUS has released “Daily Scrub Body Wash.” 

Clinical findings have proved that the product can reduce natural oils and sebum by 89.37 percent and 32.33 percent, respectively, before and after it was used, having an effect of restricting acne breakouts. 

Daily Scrub Body Wash is recommended for showering and managing dead skin cells since it contains rich plant-derived ingredients. 

The Body Milk, in use for showering, enjoys popularity since users feel moist and refreshing. Its formulation is more watery and absorption is faster compared to other counterparts. 

The two products have employed the ACNON COMPLEX™, an exclusive composition of ingredients, such as tea tree, centella asiatica extract, aloe and vitamin C and its derivatives. 

An image photo of FILLIDUS’ lineups, such as “Daily Scrub Body Wash,” “Sport Cooling Body Wash,” “Perfect Clean Men’s Wash” and “Cooling Foot Wash.” (Photos: Dong-A Pharmaceutical)

Meanwhile, FILLIDUS is a personal care brand for men, tailored to offer solutions corresponding to their skin type and situation.
Besides acne solutions, the brand boasts of lineups, such as “Sport Cooling Body Wash,” for easing skin heat after exercising, “Perfect Clean Men’s Wash,” for caring body parts with accumulated waste, and “Cooling Foot Wash.” 

FILLIDUS products may be purchased at Olive Young, Coopang, D Mall, Dong-A Pharmaceutical’s official online mall, and Naver’s Smart Store. 

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