Samsung Electronics’ Three Decade-Plus Effort to Build Sound Chip Ecosystem Pays Off
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Samsung Electronics’ Three Decade-Plus Effort to Build Sound Chip Ecosystem Pays Off
Samsung Electronics President Kyung Kye-hyun is honored with the Order of Industrial Service, Gold Tower on occasion of 16th anniversary of Semiconductor Day

21(Thu), Dec, 2023

Samsung Electronics President Kyung Kye-hyun poses after he received the Order of Industrial Service, Gold Tower on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of Semiconductor Day on Oct. 16. (Photo: Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics President Kyung Kye-hyun was decorated with the Order of Industrial Service, Gold Tower on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of Semiconductor Day on Oct. 16. 

Semiconductor Day has been observed on Oct. 26 each year since 2008 in celebration of the nation’s feat of exporting $10 billion worth of semiconductor exports in October 1994. This year’s event was the 16th rendition. 

The Semiconductor Day anniversary event is designed to ramp up collaboration in the semiconductor industry, a technological cornerstone of the Korean export industry and spur the morale of people in the industry. 

The 16th anniversary event took place with about 500 people, including Deputy Minister Lee Seung-ryul of the Industry Policy Office at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Chairman Kwak Noh-jung of the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, and officials from industry, academic and research circles of the Korean semiconductor industry, in attendance. 

Chairman Kwak’s speech was followed by an awards event. Samsung Electronics President Kyung was presented with the order in recognition of preoccupying future semiconductor technology, while working in the Korean semiconductor industry for 34 years and stepping up the competitiveness of the industry. 

President Kyung has been credited with making contributions to creating the 3D memory market with the development of the world’s first V-NAND memory technology, securing technology leadership by introducing a 3nm foundry process employing the world’s first Gate-all-around (GAA) technology, and building a sound chip industry ecosystem, such as nurturing of chip R&D manpower.

In his acceptance speech, President Kyung said, “Samsung Electronics will expand win-win cooperation with firms in the Korean materials, parts and equipment sectors and contribute to ramping up technology R&D technologies of the Korean semiconductor industry.”

Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor business has been going all-out to lead the industry through its own technology power and nurture manpower in the industry. 

“I feel unhappy to receive the honored order amid economic hardships, and I believe that if we prepare more well in the future through our cooperation, we will be heroes in a better future,” he said. 

Samsung Electronics Opens Samsung AI Forum 2023, Showcasing Key Advancements in AI

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. On Nov. 7 opened the Samsung AI Forum in Seoul, where it shared the latest research achievements in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer engineering (CE), contributing to enhancing the company’s next-generation semiconductor technology.

With over 1,000 attendees — including leading academics, industry experts, researchers, and students — day 1 of the seventh iteration of the Samsung AI Forum took place at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, under the theme of “large-scale AI for a better tomorrow.” 

Kyung Kye-hyun , President and CEO of Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions (DS) Division, said in his opening remarks, “The spotlight has recently shifted toward Generative AI technology, as it provides us the potential to unlock new solutions and address long-standing challenges. But the need for in-depth research on the safety, trustworthiness, and sustainability of AI is increasing at the same time.” 

Kyung added, “We expect this forum, where top global experts have gathered, will be a platform to discuss ways to create a brighter future through AI and semiconductor technologies.”

Yoshua Bengio, expert in deep learning technology and professor at the University of Montreal, shared his latest research in a keynote presentation titled, “Towards a Safe AI Scientist System.” He introduced a safe AI machine learning algorithm that can prevent large language models (LLMs) from developing in directions not intended by developers.

Jim Keller, CEO of AI semiconductor startup Tenstorrent, introduced the open instruction set architecture (ISA) RISC-V during his session titled, “Own Your Silicon,” and emphasized that RISC-V will create new possibilities in next-generation AI through innovation in hardware structure design. 

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